Design for Digital is different from the other clusters: it wraps the 6 operational clusters; instead of 5 trends, it offers 7 principles; it doesn’t describe, it prescribes.

Its ambition is to serve as a guideline to design the right solutions for our world – which is digital by default. Each of the principles might look innocuous enough; taken together, they are a tall order. Cloud is king, nobody escapes its jurisdiction; we build in Twin worlds, real and virtual, joined at the hip; the enterprise’s platform makes it agile; corporate IQ must go up to remain competitive; Trust is so precious one has to count it; every tradition deserves to be hacked; between enterprise and customers, transactions give way to stories.

This ambition might well be excessive – who are we to prescribe? Who can master the complexities of our twin worlds? Who knows what will be right tomorrow?

But we hope the principles of Design for Digital have at least one merit: to draw our attention to new ways of designing – not just systems or solutions, but the enterprise itself.