Crowd Surfing Allowed

Tapping into the explosive combination of brainstorming and crowdsourcing

Imagine the crowd out there, full of innovative ideas, brilliant opinions, alternative perspectives, and scarce expertise, just waiting to collaborate with you. Wouldn’t you love to jump right into it? However, the best talent in today’s market quite likely doesn’t work for you. So how can you tap into the world’s brain trust to accelerate your digital agenda while electrifying your existing workforce? How do you reach beyond your own organizational boundaries to expand to the global IP economy? Enter crowdstorming: combining brainstorming and the power of the crowd on a large social scale.

Enter crowdstorming, the explosive blend of brainstorming and crowdsourcing on a large social scale. It’s one powerful digital mosh pit you’ll want to dive into.


  • “Crowdstorming” is the process of enabling business through an ecosystem of potentially thousands of people to ideate, innovate, test, learn, execute, support, and sustain your business. It is driven by social technologies.
  • It incorporates outside perspectives, opinions, IP, ideas, thoughts, and experiences into the evolution and even the revolution of products and services. The objective focuses on the maximum level of collaboration in order to optimize all results and desired outcomes.
  • Crowdstorming can target potential future customers and business partners, but also specialized communities of expertise, such as data scientists and R&D.
  • AI is adding a new, “machine” component to this already potent mix: advanced analytics, natural language processing and deep learning all can bring augmented power to the crowd.


  • Lego has created a community around its Cuuso building blocks, using social filtering and voting to select the best new product ideas.
  • Quirky is a community-led invention platform that lets people submit their ideas to a global community of inventors, makers, designers, and tinkerers to help to refine these ideas in exchange for influence.
  • Local Motors leverages crowdstorming to solve the world’s most challenging problems in engineering.
  • Established global companies launch their gamified Big Data challenges on Kaggle, reaching out to thousands of data scientists in search of the “killer algorithm.”


  • Achieving a more intimate engagement with future consumers and suppliers while keeping up with digital expectations
  • Redesigning how an organization makes investments, places bets, innovates, and steers clear of business disasters through pre-emptive social testing
  • Gaining access to scarce resources, capabilities, experiences, and intellectual property
  • Revitalizing the workforce by connecting with fresh perspectives and ideas from the outside world


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Patrice Duboe

Expert in Digital, Innovation, IT Transformation, IOT