What is #CWIN17?

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#CWIN17 is a worldwide Business and Technology Event held across different cities which provides a unique opportunity to interact with our ecosystem and share insights around latest innovation technology and trends.

Innovation and Technology are now hot topics for all industries and #CWIN17 will be the place to not only share the best experiences from our experts, but also to draw a clear vision brought by this new world of opportunities.

#CWIN17 will take place from Monday, September 25th to Friday, September 29th. The entire week will be presented worldwide with local events occurring in around 30 cities in 15 different countries. The motto of #CWIN17 will be “Celebrating 50 years of inspiring Innovation together!” with an overall theme around “PoT – Platform of Things, Platform of Trust”.

During the week you will hear insights on the following hot topics:

  • Sustainable Applied Innovation
  • Cloud Architectures & Platforms
  • Cyber Security
  • Micro Services, API Factories
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • AI & Data Insights
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Valuable Things
  • Mixed Reality & UX
  • Digital Manufacturing

#CWIN17 will deliver a unique opportunity to discover Capgemini’s architecture and consulting projects and benefit from our experience, customer feedback, debates and technology leaders. Customers will be able to visit our worldwide Applied Innovation Exchanges and meet with a broad community of designers, technologists, sector experts, business and technology partners, academics, research organizations and startups; in order to proactively plan for and respond to the various technology and business shifts which are confronting them on a daily basis.

Each Exchange can provide the visitor an immersive and transformative environment for the exploration, discovery, testing and application of innovation, as well as the rapid deployment at scale and sustainability of their target business impacts.

We hope to welcome you to #CWIN17!

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