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Leading the world on climate change and clean energy

Europe, the long-time global leader on climate change and clean energy, emerges as a rare bright spot in this year’s World Energy Market Observatory.

2018 marked a record year, with a 2.5% CO2 emissions reduction in Europe. Overall the EU is on track to meet its 2020 greenhouse gas targets, establishing itself as a clear leader in decarbonization as emissions elsewhere in the world continue to rise. However, projections show that Europe is far from reaching long-term targets and that deep transformation of the energy, transport and manufacturing sectors will be necessary to meet 2030 and 2050 goals.

Compounding matters, the region’s mid-term energy and climate goals are tied to ambitious renewables deployment plans and related grid investments, the delay of which could destabilize energy supply as traditional energy facilities are taken off-line.

Thus, while the region remains a champion of climate change initiatives and green energy use, the long-term success of these efforts is far from assured and additional action must be taken to continue the current trajectory.

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Expert Perspective

“Globally, Europe is the region that is most serious about tackling climate change threats and facilitating energy transition. Let’s hope that further realistic adaptations of these bullish plans will lead to a reasonable energy transition path.” Colette Lewiner, Senior Energy Adviser to Capgemini Chairman

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WEMO Experts

Philippe Vié

Philippe Vié is the Global Energy, Utilities and Chemicals Sector Leader at Capgemini, and has been in the industry for over 25 years leading transformation projects globally.

James Forrest

As a global leader in our Energy and Utilities business, I help my clients with major business transformations involving smart grid, IOT, the reform of gas and electricity markets, major software and infrastructure changes and use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive significant business performance improvement.