Competing start-ups’ immersive interaction at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange

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From 38 countries and 928 applicants, the top 10 have been selected. Hear their innovative ideas and watch their journeys.

Living the future now!

As Capgemini turns 50, we present InnovatorsRace50. InnovatorsRace50 celebrates the life and times of Capgemini Group founder Serge Kampf, the values that embody the Group and the spirit of innovation.

Episode three of the web series captures five of the Top 10 start-ups Kinematics GmbH, Germany from Consumers & Well-being; Cupris Health, United Kingdom and TensorFlight, United States from Digital Processes & Transformation and Ouistiti, France and Foxintelligence, France from Data & Security. They meet our experts from Applied Innovation Exchanges around the world. Follow their journey to discover how they learn from experts as they progress within the competition and as they apply this feedback to improve their business.

The Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) is Capgemini’s global platform designed to enable enterprises to discover relevant innovations; to contextualize and experiment with them within the specific industry.

The interplay between people and technology inspired our founder, to launch Capgemini 50 years ago. With InnovatorsRace50, young businesses have the chance to live the future now; access expert insights and applied innovation required to build and sustain a successful global business.

InnovatorsRace50 gave start-ups from across the globe the opportunity to pitch their start-up in a global competition and accelerate their business by intimately engaging with industry and technology experts from Capgemini and other global brands.

After two rounds of elimination the Top 10 start-ups from an application pool of 928, from 38 countries were selected.

This web series captures the story and journeys of these Top 10 start-ups and the teams behind them, as they create businesses that will shape our future, and as they learn and interact with Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange and experts to leverage their knowledge from the best of technology to business. The web series also showcases the Top 10 as they race ahead to win a cash prize pool of USD 250,000 and an opportunity to win the Serge Kampf entrepreneurship and innovation awards.

The web series captures the journey of these Top 10 start-ups from seven countries in four episodes.

The final Episode will be live on October 05. Know more about InnovatorsRace50


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