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Navigating the uncharted waters of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence

For decades, many businesses have invested heavily in one or more ERP systems, often struggling to maximize the benefits of that investment. Faced with the huge costs of integrating multiple and discrete ERPs, businesses have historically opted for alternative options such as offshoring business processes or compromising on the levels of customer acquisition and retention that could be achieved.

Business leaders are seeking clear and practical guidance on a sustainable response to this challenge, and most view robotics, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) not just as a solution to their immediate problems, but also as a catalyst for unprecedented levels of efficiency and growth.

While it is true to say that robotics, automation and AI have the potential to change the way we transact and process commerce at a pace and scale not seen since the industrial revolution, success will be dependent on a pragmatic and structured approach to adoption.

Foster innovation, reduce cost, and boost customer satisfaction

Capgemini’s Automation Drive is a unified, open and dynamic suite of automation tools, services and expertise designed to serve your business with a continuously evolving source of innovation and value.

The engine that powers Automation Drive is the Virtual Delivery Center – an innovative solution that brings together the governance, technology, methodology and skills required to deliver intelligently automated business operations. The Virtual Delivery Center provides a virtual workforce of robots and platform delivery to power your business operations. By leveraging the Virtual Delivery Center’s elastic scalability, your organization will become more responsive, relevant and intuitive as it benefits from the combination of multiple technologies with different attributes all working together as, what we term, the “Five Senses of Intelligent Automation.”

The Virtual Delivery Center provides value to:

  • Your customers and end-users – through customized and industrialized robotic “artefacts” that enable easy-to-use, extremely reliable and intuitive end-user interfaces
  • Your business – as a robust and scalable robot factory, the Virtual Delivery Center has the skills and technology required to deliver a controlled, flexible and agile platform. This enables your business to rapidly reap the benefits of a well-implemented, competently controlled and intelligently automated environment
  • Your IT – built on world-leading technology that is cost-effective to operate, easy to deploy and maintain, secure and compliant, the Virtual Delivery Center delivers incremental gains in the efficiency of your ERP and CRM, even across systems that are already well-configured.

About Automation Drive

Capgemini’s Automation Drive serves our clients as a continuously evolving source of innovation and value. Combining our clients’ business vision with our machine power to deliver new ways of working, drive innovation and increase business value, Automation Drive sources new opportunities that enable our clients to embark on a journey to rethink and reimagine the way they do business. Automation Drive is comprised of three components – Automation Drive Framework, Automation Drive Tools and IP and Automation Drive Services.

Combining your business vision with our machine power

The Virtual Delivery Center is a virtual “building” housing the technology, skills and governance you need to provide your business with an optimally automated environment. Through combining the skills of our people with the speed and agility of our robots to execute proven Capgemini methodologies, the Virtual Delivery Center ensures a loop of continuous improvement, using people to handle exceptions and robots to undertake the control, checking and automated actions. This releases your people and enables them to use their knowledge to inform the actions of the robots, to innovate and to add value to your business.

Crucially, we recognize that not all business processes are ripe for automation. A bad or ineffective process that is automated becomes a more rapidly executed bad or ineffective process. We can help you identify the processes that, if automated, will be just as ineffective and may even compound an existing problem. To address this eventuality, we have developed our ESOAR methodology – a powerful means to ensure that only those processes that can be effectively automated are automated.

Combining your business vision with our machine power, the Virtual Delivery Center delivers new ways of working that drive innovation and increase your business value.Harnessing deep technology transformation capabilities, process expertise and a robust design authority, the Virtual Delivery Center leverages effective technology implementation to ensure an intuitive user experience in a compliant environment. These elements all combine to deliver the optimum digital experience and desired outcomes to your business.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini is recognized across the globe for successful business transformation and strong systems’ integration skills. More than ever before, businesses are demanding this combination of attributes to help navigate the route to a useful, productive automation environment that delivers on its promise to boost margins and revenue.

The Virtual Delivery Center is a sophisticated center of technology, smart machines and artificial intelligence tools that solve complex business problems at a pace and power far beyond what we have experienced up to now. We are extremely proud to collaborate closely with a range of technology partners that provide innovative solutions to ensure the Virtual Delivery Center remains one of the most creative and advanced combinations of process, skill and technology. These innovators include Celaton inSTREAM™, IBM Watson, and UiPath.

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