Unlocking Customer Satisfaction: Why Digital Holds the Key for Telcos

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How telecom consumer needs are evolving and that mobile operators are out of sync with them

Telecommunications is at the heart of the digital economy, driving and enabling the changing consumer behaviors and demands that have transformed how people consume products and services across many sectors. However, digitization is as much a struggle for Telcos as it is for traditional organizations in many industries. Our latest survey of over 5,700 mobile consumers in the U.S. and Europe has found, for example, that consumers are discontented with their operators. The overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) is negative for the industry overall as well as for five of the nine countries we analyzed. Consumer needs are evolving; they want a different telco: a digital-only operator that exclusively uses digital channels to interact with consumers and offers competitive data plans. Our research shows that 58% of consumers are willing to switch to such an operator.

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