Universal Banking

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Capgemini’s Universal Banking Solution unifies customer interactions across the bank’s lines of business and channels using Salesforce as a common platform.

Providing a single point of reference utilizing integrations to various source systems will provide your employees and customers insight into the relationship which can be easily utilized to improve client satisfaction, expedite service requests, and drive organic growth within your organization.

This solution, fully built on the Financial Services Cloud data model, leverages decades of experience from bankers who have walked in the shoes of your employees. Our strategy and POV are built to focus on optimizing customer interactions, driving customer satisfaction, and increasing relationship profitability.

The solution includes a unified customer view, compliance acceleration, lightning flows for common service requests, and lead & referral management all designed to help expedite your project and provide you a faster way to achieve larger returns on your Salesforce investment.

Why choose Capgemini?

A leading provider of end-to-end customer lifecycle management solutions on Salesforce

  • Salesforce partner since 2007 with 5000+ Salesforce professionals and 9000+ certifications.
  • Leading Systems Integrator on the Salesforce Partner Value Index with a score of 9.7 out of 10
  • Knowledge and expertise to identify and solve functional service process gaps to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Specialized client experience in projects across many industries that require complex, business-oriented processes.
  • Broad industry expertise to serve banking capital market and insurance industries.

Universal Banking

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