Trust Thrust

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Trust. The Technology Business must-have. Without trust there is no business.

Technology Businesses must be trusted by customers, clients, employees, partners, networks and authorities alike. In summary, by everyone. Trust isn’t gained overnight. Slow to earn, quick to lose, a lapse in cybersecurity or the careless use of data and boom, trust gone. Just like that. Now, with added pressure on corporate ethical and responsible behavior joining the equation, the stakes are even higher. Yet we know when leveraged, trust becomes an engine for business success, rather than a liability. Give it the respect it deserves.



  • On existing trust
  • New trust assets


Apply development objectives, which, compared to the current situation:

  • Ensure organized trust checks across all relevant constituencies
  • Designate selected employees as trust referees
  • Create competing trust and distrust teams to help analyze and build trust
  • Systematically probe key trust issues with regulators
  • Verify trust in all data, for both data used and for data created
  • Build and maintain more elaborate (cyber) defense measures
  • Ensure ‘explainability’, ‘auditability’ and fairness for evolving AI solutions
  • Demonstrably build on the corporate ethical code of conduct


  • LIST of trust contributions and risks in each solution
  • CHECKS AND BALANCES to ensure the desired level of trust