Capgemini and SAS are helping financial services firms transform their fraud management capabilities, delivering lower costs and greater protection for customers and reputations.
Fraud prevention is becoming a critical driver for the financial services industry. In Europe alone fraud in the private sector now costs an estimated 90 billion Euros a year. The figures are staggering – but nothing compared to the real costs in lost productivity and damage to reputations and customer confidence. Then there is the fraud that goes undetected, impossible to account for and assess.

The ramifications are far-reaching:  regulators demand that financial institutions hold more capital – and get more proactive about tackling fraud. Financial services organizations need to show they can measure and manage risk with active programs that deliver proven benefits.Fraud also damages financial performance at a time when organizations are being compelled to reduce their cost-to-income ratios. Reputational damage is hard to repair and leads rapidly to loss of customers and market share.

The industry is crying out for better ways to fight fraud, without excessive costs or shackles that prevent organizations from offering new and innovative services.

Capgemini has developed a comprehensive approach to help financial services firms transform their fraud management capabilities using the SAS® Fraud Framework.  Download the brochure to find out more about our step approach to delivering powerful, agile fraud management.