Top Trends in Retail Banking: 2022

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This analysis provides an overview of the top trends in the retail banking sector driven by the competition, digital transformation, and innovation led by retail banks exploring novel ways to create and retain value in evolving landscape.

COVID-19 caught banks off guard and shook legacy mindsets to the core. With 20/20 (2020) hindsight, firms are more aware, digitally resilient, and financially stable as they head into 2022. The trials of the past 18 months forced firms to shore up existing business and consider new models and revenue streams.

Customer-centricity remains at the top of most FS agendas and is a 2022 focal point. Banks will focus on achieving operational excellence as diligently as delivering superior CX. In 2022 and beyond, it will be paramount for FIs to explore and invest in new technologies to remain relevant and resilient.

Banking 4.X will arrive in full force in 2022 with platform-supported firms monetizing diverse ecosystem capabilities and aggressively harvesting data to create experiential customer journeys through intelligent and personalized engagements. The new era will compel future-focused banks to finally abandon legacy infrastructure and collaborate with third-party specialists to solidify their best-fit, long-term roles. Increasingly, open platforms will make banks invisible as banking becomes embedded into customer lifestyles. At the same time, banks will shed asset-heavy models and shift to the cloud for greater agility, speed to market, and faster innovation. The shift will act as a precursor to adopting new technologies on the horizon – 5G and Decentralized Finance.

The recent past was filled will extraordinary lessons for financial institutions. Now is the time to act on those learnings and move forward profitably.

Top Trends in Retail Ba...

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