Top Trends in Health Insurance: 2021

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This analysis provides an overview of the top trends in the health insurance sector shaped by the innovative means health insurers are exploring to succeed in the evolving business landscape.

A combination of factors, including demographic changes, evolving consumer preferences, and regulatory and compliance mandates, were already spurring change in the health insurance industry. Enter 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, which is having sweeping implications for the industry.

At the peak of disruption, the focus was on ensuring business continuity, but new initiatives are cropping up to tackle the challenges as the industry adapts to the new normal.

Furthermore, some changes are here to stay, and it will be prudent for the industry players to be resilient to the market shifts by being agile, improving member centricity, making processes intelligent, and embracing the open ecosystem.

Read our Health Insurance Top Trends 2021 report to explore the strategies insurers are adopting to manage the external pressures.

Health Insurance top tr...

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