The Smart Digital Store – Smart Fitting Room for Faster Customer Decisions and Larger Customer Spend

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The Smart Fitting Room recognizes products, provides product details, makes recommendations, and calls for assistance

To stay attractive, relevant and engaging for increasingly connected customers, retailers are digitally transforming to merge physical, in-store experiences with online, e-commerce services.

Online sales are seeing spectacular growth, and while brick-and-mortar stores are still relevant:

  • 75% of shoppers prefer to shop in store if a required item is available online and at a nearby store (1)
  • 72% prefer shopping in store so they can touch and feel the products (1)

Most physical stores do not optimize the fitting room experience, risking high abandonment rates and ignoring shopper needs to:

  • Ask for advice or access product details and social media content in store to communicate their purchase decision (as opposed to using their mobile phone)
  • Request different products, sizes, assistance while in the fitting room

Solution Overview

Capgemini’s smart fitting room experience lets shoppers access relevant product details, request remote assistance, and save & share items for later. Rooms equipped with RFID readers and immersive, interactive touchscreen displays recognize RFID-tagged products, propose cross-sell recommendations and allow call for assistance.

The Smart Digital Store...

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Transforming the Fitting...

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