The $1.1B market opportunity your brand might be ignoring

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COVID-19 has accelerated many long-standing trends—and the growing popularity of gaming and eSports is no exception.

In 2020, the total audience of eSports, the branch of the industry where professional players compete in organized tournaments for games like Fortnite, League of Legends or Counter Strike, grew to 496 million, a year-over-year growth rate of almost 12 percent.

As the pandemic delays production schedules for traditional content and prompts the cancelation of many professional sporting events, the supersized growth of eSports is only expected to continue. In fact, industry experts estimate that viewership could reach 646 million by 2023, outpacing traditional television and film viewership growth in some markets.

2020 Global Exports Market Report

“The world of live, conventional sports, once considered TV’s final secure bastion, is experiencing its own disruption due to COVID-19 and stagnating interest particularly among younger viewers,” notes Frederic Vander Sande, Vice President, Capgemini Invent. “eSports is one way for brands to counter a declining viewership base in traditional media and attract younger audiences.”

5 ways brands can break into the eSports market

  1. Content production
  2. In-game content
  3. Viewing parties
  4. New monetization models
  5. Sponsorships

Learn more by downloading our recent paper: The opportunity of eSports: 5 ways for traditional Media & Entertainment organizations, Telco operators and consumer brands to capitalize on the growth of competitive gaming.

At the same time, the swelling popularity of eSports can also be its drawback for non-native brands. While the sector is rife with opportunity, most organizations have no direct experience in working with gamers or gaming partners. Perhaps more importantly, the principles of traditional marketing initiatives, such as sponsorships, are unlikely to apply to eSports players, teams and fans operate.

“In the world of eSports, opportunities abound, which can make it difficult for brands to pinpoint how they should tap into this market and which players, teams and other partners they should engage within the existing gaming ecosystem,” notes Thijs Coolen, Senior Consultant, Innovation & Strategy, Capgemini Invent.

Our recent paper, The opportunity of eSports: 5 ways for traditional Media & Entertainment organizations, Telco operators and consumer brands to capitalize on the growth of competitive gaming, explores several concrete ways that companies can tap into the growing and potentially lucrative world of eSports. We also explore our partnership with Yuvox, a newly launched eSports platform that helps brands identify and connect with teams, athletes, event organizers and other members of the eSports ecosystem.

Download our paper today and learn more about how your organization can tap into this $1.1B opportunity.

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