Technomics Episode 5: Data

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Data on its own has no value. Value is derived from our ability to use it effectively.

Data is everywhere. Its usage changing radically driven by new technologies and digital transformation.

In a rapidly changing ecosystem, the correct usage of data creates an invaluable asset for organizations. How do you then create and use this asset across the decision-chain, surpassing the traditional boundaries of just your company; while considering advancing technologies like automation and AI?

Hear our Business Services CTIO, Manuel Sevilla answer what works and what is new in the world of data.

Watch the remaining episodes in which we explore the technology domains that will be the most influential change agents through our web series: Technomics – Future Thinking, Change Making.

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Featured Expert

Manuel Sevilla

I advise my customers to move to a new world with radically faster time-to-market, new...

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