Sustainability Reporting: How financial institutions can drive their environmental impact

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Data management implications of portfolio impact as the global standard for sustainability reporting.

Mutual funds that invest based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria have passed the $1tn milestone in 20181. This highlights the landmark shift regarding sustainability reporting for financial institutions. In this point-of-view we will introduce our sustainability framework, founded on three pillars:

  • Sustainability reporting requirements
  • Sustainability modelling
  • Sustainability data management

Together, they support the operationalization of corporate strategy on sustainability reporting for financial institutions, aligned with the GRI standard. It is this standard, combined with the increased interest of stakeholders to compare portfolios on sustainability impact that drive the need for more mature sustainability reporting on portfolios.

Our report addresses the three pillars of sustainability for financial institutions, lists challenges and provides solutions.

The Point of View is available for download on this website.

2019 Sustainable Finance

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