Supply Chain Management Services

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Orchestration, Collaboration and Independence

A ‘perfect storm’ of external forces is changing the way businesses must operate. Rising transportation costs and widespread economic pressures are prompting firms to focus on cost saving measures. Changes in market and consumer behaviors are putting more pressure on firms to enhance customer service and become more agile. Ongoing regulatory, ecological, technological and demographic changes raise questions about the best way to operate the business so that it can retain market share and profitability.

As a result, companies are facing inescapable pressure on their supply chains, leading companies to consider new approaches and a reassessment of their current business models. Re-orchestrating the elements in the supply chain can achieve a transformation in efficiency and effectiveness.

Capgemini has a proven track record in managing complex logistical challenges. By providing end-to-end process support services that address each step of the supply chain, Capgemini can help you reduce cost, improve service levels, cut waste, lower your carbon footprint, and increase accuracy and agility.