Over the last twelve years that we have conducted the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Survey, the market for SRM has steadily grown and companies continue today to invest in these critical applications. The growth in this market is a testament to the importance of this survey.

In addition to an overview of the major players in the market, the vendor survey shares the experiences, issues and questions that we see daily as procurement professionals implementing and optimizing SRM. Within the document, our expert colleagues share their views and experiences on SRM, resulting in cutting-edge opinion that offers a unique perspective on different facets of SRM. Major themes include the Seven Strategies for Future Procurement, Procurement and Sustainability, Usability and Demand Management, Supply Chain Finance and Procurement and Innovation.

Furthermore, the reader can find vendor profiles describing the participating vendors in greater detail. The descriptions cover information related to their specialization, the total scope of their offering, their distinguishing characteristics compared to competitors, the types of solutions offered (SaaS/In-house etc.), implementations and markets targeted.