Simultaneous Transformation

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To generate business value, visionary CIOs must transform their technology and operating model together

The number of digital transformation initiatives underway has steadily increased in recent years. However, many of them have failed to scale or deliver the anticipated business results.

How can this situation be reversed? What do CIOs need to do to achieve remarkable results? At Capgemini Invent, we believe the only way is to take an inventive approach to transformation. By transforming both technology and operating model, not in isolation, but simultaneously.

We call the outcome of this transformation Inventive IT. A new paradigm that helps organizations to shape their digital futures and be truly successful in a disrupted digital world.

In our new Point of View, we place CIOs at the epicenter of this transformation journey. We explain how they need to transform complex IT landscapes and organizations into a new, thriving digital IT reality that fosters inventiveness and innovative business models. We also share best practices and practical guidance on how to plan and succeed on this transformation journey, solving business issues and generating true business value.

We combine our unique ecosystem architecture and an agile, industrial operating model, with our expertise in transformation and implementation, to accelerate your digital journey at speed and scale. With the Capgemini Group behind us, we are uniquely placed to support your end-to-end transformation journey towards Inventive IT.

Download the Point of View and make Inventive IT part of your journey to a thriving digital reality.


Simultaneous Transforma...

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