Most organizations today have replenishment solutions. Sophisticated solutions that tie supply chain replenishment to demand based on granular forecasts and demand sensing inputs. Yet, the problem of stock-outs and too much stock continues to plague supply chains. This is because base levers like lead times and safety levels are set once and most often forgotten. We rarely keep monitoring them or dynamically adjusting them to get the best out of our supply chain.

The Capgemini Replenishment Analytics & Reporting (RAR) provides this key ability – to get a clear view of lead times and safety levels on your supply chain, and better: to change these to dynamic levers that help you continually trim and tune your operation, allowing your supply chain to continue to stay lean and agile. Capgemini RAR solution harnesses Oracle’s latest Business Intelligence (BI) technology to improve your supply chain in a transparent, holistic, practical way.

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