Reinventing work. A call for a new working paradigm

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Lessons learned from the past 3 months.

The recent Covid pandemic has pushed our world into a new dimension. With over 50% of the population forced into confinement, companies experienced several degrees of disruption in their operations. More broadly, Companies and Society will have to reinvent new models to secure continuity of essential services and protect people & organizations.

As sanitary constraints are loosening and businesses are re-opening, now is the time to reflect. Our latest personal point of view (POV) looks at some of the lessons learnt from the past 3 months, including:

  • A change in office based work: for many organizations, COVID has shown that a remote working model is viable and efficient, not to mention that 80% of the population are craving for it! Remote working is also a way to foster diversity and a better gender balance.
  • Has technology enabled business continuity: in the move to public cloud delivery models and went all-in on remote working capabilities (like G Suite or Microsoft’s O365) found it far easier to continue to work in an efficient way (75% of employees are familiar with remote working tools, but could be more proficient). On the other hand, laggards have suffered from a lack of infrastructure. Example: Capgemini successfully transitioned to remote work in just 1 week. (95% work from home at peak) thanks to robust digital collaborative solutions.
  • How nature reclaimed its rightful place: the last crisis has been an “eye-opener” for millions of people. “Green” is now more than ever at the center of the CEO’s agenda and companies must provide new green services to their employees (mobility platforms, paperless processes…).
  • Why Enterprises must downsize their living standards to survive: why optimizing resources is a mantra that will run through all companies, summed up by the formula “spend better”, “spend agile” and “spend wiser”.

We also highlight 4 levers, underpinned by data, analytics, and design thinking, that can power change for your organization.

Reinventing Work

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