Rapidly-shifting telco landscape makes digital transformation essential to future success

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Digital transformation powers the future for telcos and cable providers

Telecom providers have depended on their extensive and reliable infrastructure frameworks for many years. These structures powered the scalable deployment of a vast network and ensured a solid foundation for commercial operations and IT systems for communication service providers (CSPs).

This framework served telcos and cable providers very well until recently, when fundamental shifts in the modern landscape coupled with rapid change started to strain this proven model. These factors, combined with rising customer expectations and increasing competition, guarantee more changes on the horizon, and CSPs must plan to adapt accordingly.

Digital natives and non-traditional players have won over long-term CSP clients by appealing to their need for immediacy, flexibility, and affordability. Conversely, CSPs are struggling to maintain an experience that offers “anytime, anywhere, any device, any content” access, while also supporting back-end integration of IT systems, processes, and data – boosting operational efficiency and reducing the cost to provide service. Retaining customers, acquiring new ones, and ensuring they have their needs met is a delicate balance to strike, especially for companies with siloed, legacy customer-service systems. Enabling scalable digital transformation is a challenge, and clients often turn to Pega solutions powered by Capgemini to help with this transformation.

Our new report explores these issues and covers a variety of strategies to address them. We share how some traditional CSPs have found new life by launching a digital brand to satisfy the needs of the modern customer and solve complex integration issues. Read our guide to discover how telcos can turn the tables, transform, and quickly meet the demands of the rapidly evolving communications landscape and its customers.

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