Leveraging new data insights for Vegetation Management

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Learn how new and maturing technologies, such as AI and geospatial analytics, can help utilities revamp their vegetation practices, mitigate weather-related risks to assets, and empower sustainability initiatives.

In this webcast, you’ll learn about how IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite and Capgemini’s GIS Analytics for Vegetation Management and Risk Mitigation work together to deliver condition-based insights via remote sensing.  Some specific topics covered:

  • Combining historical and operational data to support long-term operational decision making.
  • Leveraging superior tree classification and height measurement by exploiting high-resolution satellite imagery, new forms of low-cost LIDAR and digital elevation models.
  • Deploying Geiger-Mode LIDAR to power analytics in an AI-driven solution that can reduce the time, cost, and uncertainties of vegetation management, as well as reduce customer outages and the risks of wildfires.
  • Strategic approaches to proactive and preventative vegetation management enabled by AI and advanced analytics to keep ahead of vegetation overgrowth that can impair transmission and distribution lines.

Insights on Vegetation Management by IBM and Capgemini Experts


Robbie Berglund
E&U Global Business Executive, Weather Business Solutions at IBM

James Sokolowski PhD
Principal Consultant – Analytics Solutions, North America at Capgemini

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