IQ up, EQ up

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It’s no surprise that a key driver for Technology Business is data. But, data needs a purpose, its own raison d’être.

Data should raise the bar of an organization’s IQ measurably, leading to better business outcomes. In that pursuit, quality might well prime quantity. As humans, we know that IQ without a side of EQ is never enough. And so is it in business with customers and partners: emotional intelligence – the corporate EQ –will be at least equally relevant to success. After all, nobody puts data in the corner.



  • Corporate IQ through higher quality data
  • Corporate EQ through context-sensitive responses


Apply development objectives, which, compared to the current situation:

  • Include systematic, tool-supported data quality measures
  • Help better understand – and more effectively own – your data assets
  • Create more tangible value on top of data, through insights and algorithms
  • Map the value added by data to corporate assets, services and products
  • Move towards targeted insights, from the existing situation
  • Capture and leverage emotions-related data points
  • Use real time data for emotional, context-sensitive responses and dialogues
  • Enrich products and services with emotional dimensions


  • ASSESSEMENT of effectiveness of data strategy and data architecture to boost Corporate IQ and EQ
  • LIST of emotional assets used for context-sensitive responses