IoT next generation utility services optimize energy consumption for industrial and commercial customers

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Utilities are adding the Internet of Things (IoT) to leverage new digital technologies to disrupt and transform large scale energy management and related services

Apart from constantly balancing new financial challenges with higher operational costs, fundamental disruptions in energy systems are driving utilities to adopt new digital technologies, and focus on value creation through customer centric operations and new revenue streams. These disruptions include falling solar prices, falling battery prices, increases in corporate renewable energy purchases and a new community-based energy focus in a consumer driven world. In addition, competition from new non-traditional entrants is filling the energy space.

As a way to compete, utilities are adding the Internet of Things (IoT) to leverage new digital technologies to disrupt and transform large scale energy management and related services. IoT enables utility companies to have wider ranging real time insights into their operations and assets, and become more agile, flexible and efficient. It allows them to transform energy data into new services and helps ensure interoperability to seamlessly integrate all types of energy data via connected systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) pulls all of these energy optimization systems together.

To enable utilities to combine decentralization technologies and develop energy management services for their key customers, Capgemini has partnered with Intel to develop an end-to-end solution for industrial and commercial energy management. This solution provides significant benefits to utilities and their customers:

• Provides holistic energy management services to customers by combining benefits from distributed generation, distributed storage, energy efficiency services and demand response programs.
• Enhances competitiveness by implementing flexible energy systems which can relieve pressure on electricity generation and reduce costs for utilities, utility partners and customers.
• Capitalizes on market opportunities, and enables new revenue streams or commercial models.
• Provides an open secure platform which can ingest sensor data from multiple devices and transport the information to any back-end analytical or business system.
• Provides Best in Class standards based Data Security from edge to cloud and delivers secure enterprise IoT, components pre-validated for interoperability, and an accreditation process.

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For more about Capgemini industrial and commercial energy management solutions, please contact:

Philippe Ravix, Europe and Asia Pacific Smart Services / XIoT Global Solutions

Genevieve Chamard, North America and Latin America Smart Services / XIoT Sales Enablement

Charles Cote, North America and Latin America Smart Services / XIoT Solution Architect

For more information about Capgemini Smart Services solutions, please visit:

Internet of Things – Smart Services

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