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Finance, Risk, and Compliance (FRC) functions within banks need to move fast to stay compliant at minimum cost, but ideally they also need to help their entire organizations compete through digital innovation.

Are you getting enough ROI from your Finance, Risk, and Compliance (FRC) data platform?

The key for the FRC functions is to add value by leveraging data solutions embedding regulatory competencies. The essential enabler for solving these challenges is building or extending data foundries to create a new management framework.

By using this framework, organizations can become service-centric and bring more efficiency to their processes, as well as guaranteeing continued fulfillment of finance, risk, and compliance regulations. Benefits include significant risk reduction, a 5 – 15% cost reduction, and increased speed.

To transform their business functions, banks need to be inventive. We identified five areas in which financial institutions have the opportunity to level up their business and bring to life what’s next:


Realizing Business Benefits from Data & AI

Increased earnings and margins for the business

We use data science to position control functions as partners for the business, with joint use cases reaching improvements of 5-15% profitability and wins in market shares.

Decreased costs via strong efficiency gains

We reach up to 20% improvement in efficiency thanks to smart automation of complex manual tasks, using technologies such as NLP, OCR, NLG.

Decreased cost of risk

By setting up levers such as data quality improvement, advanced automation, and risk anticipation focused use cases, we enable control functions to strongly reduce the cost of risk to the bank.

Inventive finance, risk...

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