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What will the new normal look like? Looking beyond Covid-19.

By the time this question began to appear in conversations – predominantly becoming virtual during the “lockdown” – we all started to realize the uniqueness of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the extent of the impact it will generate for future business and society at large. Actors and decision-makers in both the private and public sectors, journalists or influencers, citizens, and consumers; the question of a different future rapidly arose regardless of our backgrounds.

Advising and supporting our customers in the change and disruptive phases, lies at the very heart of our business, inventing what comes next is the core philosophy of Capgemini Invent. Thus, from the beginning of the pandemic, for several months and in a quasi-systemic way, our experts mobilized to analyze its impacts. They studied them by considering multiple aspects: human, societal, organizational but also economic, financial and non-financial in the form of blog articles published between April 8th  & July 15th.

We have now compiled all 16 articles in one document to provide you, the keys to understanding & deciphering the changes to come and to prepare for this “new” future.

Days After Compilation

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