Elastic Analytics is an enterprise-ready, integrated solution that includes the infrastructure, management, security, support, and maintenance to run analytics solutions on a cloud environment.  Elastic Analytics offers maximum flexibility, supporting most of the leading BI software packages, with the ability to expand and contract with customers’ business needs. This allows customers to take full advantage of the most powerful aspect of cloud computing, the consumption-based model, while maintaining the same look and feel to applications as if it was running in customers’ own data centers.
Businesses need reliable analytics to make decisions at an ever-increasing pace today. However, that doesn’t mean they go about procuring and installing traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools that require heavy capital expenditure and a long set-up time. In fact they could be losing critical competitive advantage if they rely on the traditional ‘procure and install’ model which is neither fast nor scalable. Competitive advantage lies in analytics that can be deployed fast, scaled up as demand peaks, and scaled down when demand flags so that the analytics deployed are both highly responsive and cost-effective. This move away from a traditional Capex-centered BI to a fast, scalable and flexible Opex-based BI is what we call Elastic Analytics.