Generating a digital advantage. Improving customer experience, operating and business models through disruptive technologies.

Modernization of the grid enabling better management of energy demand, power generation shifting from centralized to decentralized and all channel experience are major trends that Utilities currently have to address and turn into opportunities to harness the energy transition toward a sustainable, low carbon economy. Utilities have to rethink profoundly their business and operating models, transforming not only the way they interact with customers, communities, stakeholders, but also how they manage internal capabilities.
Capgemini’s integrated Digital Utilities Transformation framework empowers traditional utilities to re-invent themselves and to acquire mastery in leveraging disruptive digital technologies such as Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud, to acquire a digital advantage at optimized investment. Our approach will drive utilities to become customers and communities centric and to totally rethink the way they run their internal organization; rethink the role of line workers, whilst it will drive down their cost. Moreover, we can help utilities to expand on new services like Home Energy Management and energy efficiency programs or communities programs.
We have applied our in-depth experience and knowledge to develop the Digital Utilities Transformation framework, gained through decades of Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing services to Utilities worldwide. Furthermore, Capgemini Consulting gains best practice perspectives on the state of digital transformation around the world through our joint research program with the MIT Center for Digital Business and benchmarks. These programs allow us to understand better the profound impact of the digital technological shifts and further refine our framework and approach.