Watch the Capgemini Week of Innovation Networks 2017 live from Toulouse on September 28.


8:45: Opening session

Patrice Duboé, Capgemini Innovation VP

9:10: How emerging technologies fuel business and disrupt markets

Lanny Cohen, Capgemini Global Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

9:45: Aircraft Connected Seat – A co-built  innovative project

Frédéric Rospide, Pilot-SMS Program Leader, Stelia Aerospace

Morvan Le Mescam, IoT Solution Designer, Capgemini

10:10: Stratospheric balloons : science at the edge of space

Olivier Carré, Senior Solution Architect, Capgemini

10:55: OPC UA, the de facto interoperability standard for Industry 4.0

Eric Oursel, Software Architect, Sogeti High Tech

11:20: Round Table: Internet of Valuable Things

Patrice Duboe (Capgemini), Bertran Ruiz (IOT Valley), Duncan Bradford (CA Technologies), Julien Michel (DataStax)

12:05: Onboard innovation with Schneider Electric

Brian Tessier, Global Supply Chain Innovation VP, Schneider Electric

13:20: Start-ups Pitch

13:50: Take a big breath in before a deep dive into adventure and boldness

Anne Quéméré, French Navigator & Arctic Solar project leader

14:15: Big Data to improve Manufacturing process and tests

Stephane Desmons, Chief Innovation Officer, Airbus OneWeb Satellites

14:40: We all deserve a good User eXperience, even in a business context

Simon Gomez, UX Designer, Creative Studio, Capgemini

15:05: Automation and Release Management at the heart of Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Jérôme Dorgueilh, COE Cloud Manager, Senior Cloud Domain Architect, Sogeti

15:30: Industrial Big Data and MES, the winning combination to improve industrial performance

Nathalie Praizelin, MES and Digital Manufacturing Consultant Expert, Capgemini

Nicolas Monnet MESAL™ Technical Manager, Rio Tinto

16:10: Cyber Attacks detection through Security Operation Center

Guillaume Meunier, R&D Lab Manager, Sogeti

16:35: Discover TechnoVision 2017 to boost Innovation

Ron Tolido, Executive VP, Insights & Data Global CTO, Capgemini

17:10: Closing