As part of their Know Your Customer initiatives, financial institutions want to determine in real or near real time the most accurate recommended next best offer and preferred channel for each individual customer. This allows banks to understand their customer’s goals and needs so at the moment of truth, when bank personnel are directly interacting with a customer, they can suggest offers that are relevant, timely and will resonate. Traditionally, customer experience for banks has centered on I know my customer, I hear my customer and I do not mis-sell to my customer. For banks undergoing digital transformation, customer experience has changed to focus on I understand my customers’ changing needs and can intelligently interact with my customer across all channels with an uniform experience.

Capgemini’s Customer Value Analytics solutions help banks leverage big data technologies and business data lake principles to deliver a holistic view of the customer across three dimensions: transactions – structured data, interactions – unstructured data and environment – relevant external data. This allows banks to take advantage of all channels for both customer acquisition and servicing. Our solution pack also includes an advanced model and visualization library relevant for customer experience and customer value analysis initiatives designed specifically for financial services.