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New business models and artificial intelligence on the construction site

Capgemini Invent empowers construction equipment manufacturers to create new business models, implement Artificial Intelligence, and improve the customer experience all around.

Construction equipment manufacturers need to review their entire operations to respond to core industry drivers such as new technologies, automated processes and changing customer needs.

 Challenges for construction equipment manufacturers

Customers expect digital sales and service processes and a more digital, interactive relationship with their dealer and construction equipment manufacturer. In addition, new entrants are flooding into the market, creating disruption with new customer-centric business models. At the same time, equipment manufacturers are confronted with serving the demand for efficiency, innovation and sustainability.

In order to survive in this tension and continue to provide market relevance, a transformation must take place in all business processes – from strategy to workflows and technology to corporate culture.

Capgemini Invent combines key digital skills with deep industry expertise

With years of experience, Capgemini Invent empowers construction equipment manufacturers to holistically transform all areas of their business. For more challenges, opportunities and concrete project examples around data-driven business processes, customer-centric service offerings and process automation, see our report “HEAVY MACHINERY – Opportunities for new business models and artificial intelligence on the construction site”.

Heavy Machinery at Capgemini...

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