Connected Services Health Check: Re-energizing your portfolio

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Can you hear the noise? Your customers, regardless if B2C or B2B, are clamoring for the always-on, always-there digital services that are increasingly linked to the physical products they’re buying.

And more and more companies are connecting their products to offer new business models and digital services. However, many of them struggle to realize the benefits they initially hoped for.

Research shows that this is mainly due to two shortcomings: First, companies face difficulties with ‘what’ they offer, e.g., finding the right offering customers are willing to pay for; Second, they face challenges in ‘how’ to offer, e.g., finding the right channels through which to sell and deliver services.

To address these problems, we present a framework in this Point-of-view that helps companies easily identify why specific services are falling behind expectations, and how to turn this situation around. Find out more by downloading our PoV.

Connected Services Health...

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