For some time, analyst’s surveys have indicated that core system replacements are top IT priorities among P&C carriers. Because the focus of core systems technology is improving the efficiency of internal transactional capabilities, they are designed and architected for transactional processing rather than interactional processing. So while core system replacements are crucial to build a strong foundation for growth, such systems cannot fully address the needs of agent, managing general agent (MGA), broker or consumer users, especially across emerging channels such as social media and mobile.

In order to remain competitive, P&C insurers must keep a steady, laser focus on the ever-evolving patterns and needs of their distribution channel partners—the agents, consumers, brokers and MGAs that grow carrier business. Carriers must be quick on their feet and constantly assess, improve and polish the experience of their customers.

This whitepaper from Capgemini and Agencyport looks at how carriers need to keep customers at the epicenter of their business by reviewing five web portal capabilities that put the customer first.