A pragmatist’s view of IT delivered as a service.

This Capgemini point of view cuts through much of the hype surrounding Cloud Computing and follows on from 2008’s An Early View of Cloud Computing to provide insight on the current state and maturity of cloud services. Whereas businesses initially saw cloud services as an extension of existing IT landscapes, today, we’re seeing them reach a level of robustness and maturity where they can be considered replacements for current delivery platforms.

Drawing on our extensive experience of introducing clients to the notion of cloud-based services and IT ‘as a Service’, this paper introduces Capgemini’s concept of the Compute Continuum, in which we envisage a ‘shift right’ along a continuum from the present-day private data center model through to a scenario whereby services can be sourced from a managed public cloud, with benefits such as greater infrastructure flexibility and improved IT efficiency being reaped along the way.

Download this point of view to learn more about whether the time is right for your business to start benefitting from cloud services.

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