Cloud data strategy and competitive advantage in the financial sector – with Capgemini and AWS

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Data strategy is about realizing the value from your enterprise’s information wealth. With Capgemini and AWS, you can transform your Cloud data strategy to achieve competitive differentiation.

Financial services firms face pressure to become more agile and adaptable in the face of an explosion in data, the digital journey, changing customer expectations, and competition from FinTech businesses. Data emerges at the heart of any viable strategic response. A sound data strategy translates into deeper, richer customer engagement, omnichannel customer experience, process automation, and a data‑driven partner ecosystem. It generates cross‑sell/upsell opportunities and sophisticated new propositions that keep customers loyal to your brand.
However, the key challenge facing today’s enterprise is how to unlock value from the wealth of data.

AWS and Capgemini can work with you to plan, build, and operate the next‑gen cloud data platform for your financial services business.

Moving to the cloud is a journey. We develop a cloud adoption roadmap based on your long‑term vision, business drivers, market trends, your current state, and investments.


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