Today’s citizens and businesses demand an always-on, relevant and consistent government experience.

They expect a retail-grade, multi-channel experience that is just as efficient as the innovative private sector services they’ve become used to. Service agents too want to work for organizations able to equip them with the digital tools, information and support they need to deliver an efficient, consistent and personalized service.

The challenge for governments is how best to use digital to meet these needs, whilst reducing operational costs and lowering the cost to serve in the face of on-going budgetary constraints – all without compromising on internal work conditions and the citizen experience.

Capgemini’s CSS can help. It enables you to deliver more efficient services to your constituents, whether citizens or businesses. CSS is a pre-assembled, omni-channel, front-end to back-end platform that incorporates Pegasystems’ Dynamic Case Management to simplify constituent connections. With CSS, you will make every citizen request more efficient via digital pathways.

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