The Right Time to Strengthen the Core

For many reasons, core banking systems are becoming an increasingly important focus area for today’s banks. One is cost reduction: Older platforms are expensive to maintain, which is increasingly unacceptable to today’s margin-focused organizations. Regulatory compliance is important as well. From Basel III to laws governing capital adequacy and consumer protection, new rules demand greater data consistency, quality, and visibility across the bank than many core systems can provide.

As core banking replacement and transformation become more critical to banks, Capgemini stands ready with powerful capabilities. Whether banks seek to replace or upgrade their core banking systems, Capgemini can help design and implement a solution that reduces cost of ownership manages risk and regulatory compliance more effectively, enhances service quality and optimizes the customer experience. As a result, banks can reduce total cost of ownership, boost operational efficiency and flexibility, and ensure they have in place an IT platform that will be sustainable into the future.