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Capgemini Invent, the digital innovation, consulting and transformation brand of the Capgemini Group, has been positioned as a Leader in two consecutive ALM Intelligence reports: “The ALM Vanguard: Organization Strategy Consulting 2019” and “The ALM Vanguard: Talent & Leadership Consulting 2019”

Key Quote – ALM Vanguard 2019 report

Liz DeVito, Associate Director, Management Consulting Research at ALM Intelligence said, “We congratulate Capgemini invent for securing a Leader position in these two ALM Vanguard reports. Their evolution to Leader is a testament to the organization’s focused efforts to build a business-led consulting capability for helping clients develop digital talent and leaders. Their investments in design and digital assets are at the forefront of a refreshed engagement model where clients are directly engaged in new ways of working that change mindsets and build digital competence.”

Organization Strategy Consulting 2019

According to the findings of the report, Capgemini invent moved to a Leader position in 2019 as a result of our focus in developing a coherent approach to organization strategy that is customizable to clients’ specific needs, ambitions, and capacity to execute.

Capgemini Invent’s Dexterous Organization model was also noted in the report for its ability to enable holistic interventions that balance stability and flexibility in a measured approach to becoming an adaptable organization.

At the core of cultivating dexterity is a continuous focus on the customer and how changes in customer demand change the organization’s strategy, business model and employee experience.

“With their Minimum Viable Organization (MVO) approach to design digital-era operating models, they enable clients to preview the effectiveness of potential future operating models and accelerate their implementation”  ALM Intelligence Vanguard report 2019.

Thereby, Capgemini invent not only ensures the connection between organization design and business strategy, but also that the design can scale and scope to the client’s transformation goals, as well as tolerance and capacity for change.

In addition, Capgemini invent also stood out as a Best in Class Provider for Needs Assessments owing to our ability in combining traditional assessment techniques with innovation practices to help clients understand the effectiveness of their value chains.

Talent & Leadership Consulting 2019

The Vanguard report for Talent & Leadership Consulting 2019 highlighted Capgemini Invent’s powerful integrated services that combines cutting-edge technology with deep domain expertise in developing digital talent and leaders. It further noted that the firm offers a coherent, pragmatic approach that aligns talent objectives and activities across all components of the operating model – corporate center, shared services, off-shoring, outsourcing, and digital – that enables the design of a hyperconnected, enterprise-wide employee experience.

It was also stated that our combined focus on the organization and the individual underscores our commitment to helping clients define digital strategies that meets both the business objectives and the needs and preferences of digital talent.

According to ALM Intelligence, we outperformed competitors by our capability to leverage the full breaths of our internal and external ecosystem which enables us to offer to clients the most comprehensive suite of services and solutions for building a talent operating system.

Furthermore, the report stated Capgemini Invent’s investments in design and digital assets are at the forefront of a refreshed engagement model where clients are directly engaged in new ways of working that change mindsets and build digital competence.

“It is an honor to be recognized as a Leader by ALM Intelligence in these two Vanguard reports”, said Claudia Crummenerl, Managing Director, People and Organization practice at Capgemini Invent. “Capgemini’s consulting approach is focused on solving future of work challenges such as new organizational structures or the digital talent gap. Our approach aims at end-to-end solutions – from strategy to realization of integrating data and technology – and how to build a capability for a ‘future-proof’ organization and workforce by aligning talent ambitions and activities to a clearly articulated vision of the business.”

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