Capgemini Comprehensive Asset Tracking and Monitoring Logistics Solution

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Capgemini’s end-to-end shipping solution integrates the Intel Connected Logistics Platform to monitor and track shipment location, temperature, humidity, shock, ambient light, pressure, and tilt.

Companies ship millions of tons of goods and materials every year. When a shipment is compromised in transit (due to damage, loss, delay, theft, or spoilage), companies lose revenue and productivity as well as goods.

Capgemini uses the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform as a basis for its IoT hardware/ software solution to increase the visibility, integrity, and security of shipments as they move through the supply chain. The end-to-end solution, built on Intel IoT hardware and resident on the cloud, provides near real-time tracking and monitoring of shipment location, temperature, humidity, shock, ambient light, pressure, and tilt; provides a comprehensive dashboard for effortless monitoring and analysis; and includes programmable notifications and alerts for quick intervention.

Transform logistics and gain a competitive advantage:

  • Ensure asset tracking and monitoring of shipment quality, integrity, and security at every stage of the supply chain, anywhere in the world, through Intel® technology-based IoT gateways.
  • Deploy an easy-to-set-up visibility dashboard, customized for your enterprise needs.
  • Seamlessly integrate devices into existing workflows with minimal onboarding.
  • Track packages worldwide, and scale with your business.
  • Deploy robust end-to-end data security and device protection through Intel technology.

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For more about Capgemini integrated, end to end, shipment monitoring solutions, please contact:

Philippe Ravix, Europe and Asia Pacific Smart Services / XIoT Global Solutions

Genevieve Chamard, North America and Latin America Smart Services / XIoT Sales Enablement

Charles Cote, North America and Latin America Smart Services / XIoT Solution Architect

For more information about Capgemini Smart Services solutions, please visit:
Internet of Things – Smart Services

Comprehensive Tracking And...

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