Building Immersive Retail Experiences

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Over the past decade the investments retailers have made in new technologies have skewed towards channels like online, mobile and social media. And rightly so.

In a Capgemini study of consumers, more than 70 percent of the respondents stated that they used these technologies in their shopping journey. They have become an essential part of the customer experience and to ignore them is to ignore customer needs. However, what about the physical store? More than 90% of revenue still comes from this channel and it remains the favored destination for shoppers to complete a transaction, particularly in mature markets. That it still has an important role to play seems clear, though what should this role be?

This ‘Point of View’ explores how the physical store fits into a technology enabled shopping journey and how the rise of new types of in-store innovations can help to bridge the gap between online, mobile and in-store. Through case studies and drawing on Capgemini’s experience working with the world’s top retail brands, it defines the design attributes of leading, digitally-enabled experiences and answers key questions such as; How do you connect employees, customers and products to create a smart digital store? How do you establish the right experience and, importantly, use continuous innovation to keep it relevant? And, how can you build off existing investments to achieve this in a cost-effective way?


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