Biography: Kevin Masters

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Mr. Kevin Masters joined the Capgemini group in 1973. Experience gained within Capgemini mainly revolves around managing large groups of people in an operations or support environment.

Mr. Kevin Masters has been engaged in the employee consultation process as the Chairman of both the Outsourcing Forum and National Works Council Groups since 2001. He was elected as the UK representative on the International Works Council (IWC), then as a member of the IWC Office, where he was the Secretary until his appointment as director representing employees in September 2016.

Between July 2014 and September 2016, Mr. Kevin Masters was invited as Secretary of the IWC to become a non‑voting member of the Capgemini SE Board of Directors. He was then also a permanent guest of the Compensation Committee.

Mr. Kevin Masters was appointed as a director representing employees on the Capgemini SE Board of Directors with effect from September 1, 2016. He is also a member of the Compensation Committee.

Mr. Kevin Masters brings to the Board of Directors his great knowledge of the Capgemini group and of its businesses, his experience of technological environments, as well as the perspective of an employee of Anglo-Saxon culture, thus contributing to the diversity of profiles represented on the Board.

Principal office:
Project Management, cloud infrastructure services, with Capgemini UK.

Biography Kevin Masters

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