Best practices for mastering IT performance

How do the leaders reduce their costs while also reducing time to market and enabling innovation?

Today, IT is becoming an essential enabler of the digital transformation of the business, regardless of the industry you’re in. In this context, CIOs face the challenge of simultaneously managing legacy systems and achieving innovation. You, as CIO, constantly need to keep abreast of business requirements, doing more with less.

The ecosystem that you have to work with is complex. Amid all the complexity, you have to innovate while managing the legacy estate, including its obsolescence, and while dealing with a range of constraints and imperatives that are often contradictory.

All the time, there is relentless pressure to drive down costs even though the multiple requirements are conspiring to drive them upwards. It’s crucial to know where best to invest, where to cut back, and what the side effects of these decisions will be.

What makes some IT organizations perform better than others? How are they able to manage IT costs better while bringing in speed and innovation that enhances the value IT brings to business?