From Intent to Implementation.

A practical, proven methodology that empowers you to stop dreaming of application retirement, and start reaping the benefits.

Retiring an application that has been part of an enterprise’s technology landscape for years, perhaps even decades, isn’t a simple case of clicking ‘uninstall’. Users, business processes, interdependencies between different applications, and many other factors need to be considered before decisions and action can be taken.

What’s more, while hundreds or even thousands of new applications are created everyday, how many are retired? The massive discrepancy between the number of applications that have been developed and the number that have been retired indicates that experience and available knowledge on the topic of application retirement is limited.

All of this begs the question: Even if you have identified which applications should be retired, how do you go from intent to implementation?

This white paper represents a first step in how to answer this, and puts forward Capgemini’s Application Retirement Methodology as a proven solution to this problem. The methodology comprises a coherent set of principles that can be used to retire those applications considered to be obsolete.