A robust approach using industrialized assets and accelerators for efficient AMI testing resulting in reduced cost of ownership

The Smart Metering market has made significant headway over the last few years. The market has seen strong growth in North America driven by government incentives, and in Europe policy mandates have been the key driver. The future seems to be one of increasing penetration of Smart Meters with continuous growth predicted through to 2020. The growth, however, is expected to differ significantly by geography, with Europe and emerging markets now expected to contribute significantly to Smart Meter penetration in the future.

Testing of the software components is a critical success factor in an overall Smart Meter deployment program. An AMI implementation results in significant new and improved business processes. The AMI solution landscape includes multiple components, comprising meters, communication infrastructure, and Head End system, MDM System which are integrated with existing Utility systems such as the Billing / CIS systems, Outage Management System, Analytics and other applications. It is imperative that each of the system components meet the functional and non-functional requirements. It also requires that the end-to-end integration between all these components meet the business and other performance/security requirements.

The Capgemini AMI Testing offering provides Ready-To-Go assets, leveraging our excellent understanding and experience in the smart metering area with cutting edge accelerators. All these are backed by a standardised framework providing a concise approach to AMI testing.

Read more in the brochure about: Capgemini’s Framework for AMI Testing, our assets and accelerators as well as the benefits for Utilities