The use of Artificial Intelligence to bring differentiated customer experiences is a central focus for many organizations today. While companies understand that AI adds a value that humans can’t bring and can enable things that humans cannot do at scale (for example predictive personalization), many are struggling to implement AI in the most valuable situations, as perceived by the consumer. 

This research ascertains, from consumers, the interactions that they believe can be better delivered by AI, and which can be better delivered by humans. The findings are valuable for organizations seeking to extend their understanding of how AI can be implemented across situations and customer touch points for improved customer experiences.

  • Do you want to better understand your customers’ expectations as they relate to AI?
  • Do you know how your customers feel about switching from AI to human interactions?
  • Have you analyzed where consumers would like AI exchanges as opposed to human interactions and vice-versa? Or where consumers would like a mixed AI-human environment for interacting with organizations?
  • Do you realize how your customers feel about the transparency of AI?
  • Do you need to ascertain the benefits to your organizations for enabling positive AI experiences?

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