A Brave, New, Cookie-less World

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The absence of third-party cookies may be challenging for marketers, but with CDPs and the right collaborators, marketing in a cookie-less world can be innovative, drive growth and provide a personalized, positive customer experience.

A joint point of view by Capgemini and Treasure Data

The need for innovative marketing to drive growth in the absence of third-party cookies

Regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, which are designed to address the importance of data protection and privacy, have limited the options for marketers in which they can leverage the customer data. One key area that is changing with regard to data privacy is cookies. For years, data was initially being captured in the form of cookies. But now, due to regulations, many browsers have started blocking third-party cookies in the name of privacy. This has resulted in multiple challenges for marketers such as inability to track the third-party cookie details or create complete customer profiles, audience discovery, and media buying etc.

Marketers need to consider alternate ways to overcome these challenges. A new, innovative methodology, leveraging an array of more durable IDs, needs to be orchestrated in the new environment with privacy compliance and cross-channel personalization. This can be achieved by leveraging the right technology partners and adopting customer data platforms (CDP). Our point of view shares few of the ways in which marketers can enhance personalization and omni-channel experience in a cookie-less world.


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