The Secret to Winning Customers’ Hearts with AI

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-US focus group participant

“Organizations should be clear whether it’s a computer or a real person that we are interacting with. Otherwise there's no trust if you think you were speaking to a real person the whole time or, if you found out later, then you feel foolish.”

Mark Taylor, Chief Experience Officer, Digital Customer Experience Practice, Capgemini

“It is somewhat ironic that natural language processing and machine learning provides organizations with the opportunity to build deeper, more human relationships with their customers. By focusing their AI implementations to reimagine, streamline and simplify customer interactions, organizations can boost customer spend and loyalty. To see the biggest bottom-line boost, firms need to make both artificial intelligence and customer experience a strategic priority.”

Research Highlights

Consumers know and want AI, but one that is informed by human intelligence

  • AI is no longer alien to consumers
  • Consumers want the reassurance of a human presence
  • Consumers want transparency in AI by design
  • Human-like AI qualities are a hit with consumers
  • Consumers find the idea of a digital alter ego exciting

Organizations focus on costs and RoI rather than consumer pain points

  • Nuances around customer preferences are lost on most organizations
  • Organizations are focusing on implementation costs and RoI and not on consumer preference
  • AI-enabled interactions bring significant benefits
  • High-benefit consumers have greater confidence in AI-enabled interactions

Organizations should augment customer experience processes for an AI world

  • Ensure that consumer concerns form the basis for AI initiatives
  • Make AI-first a strategic priority
  • Scale up AI-enabled interactions globally
  • Keep the customer informed
  • Align incentives to encourage greater use of AI-enabled interactions

Quick Takeaways


of consumers would like to be made aware when companies are enabling interactions via AI


find the idea of a digital alter ego exciting and 46% said it would improve the quality of their life


of front-runners have globally scaled AI-enabled interactions for providing information during purchase

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