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Extended Supply Chain, Smart Planning

In a competitive market where customers are more demanding than ever, clients need to avoid unplanned disruptions in the movement of their goods. To be more agile, responsive and resilient, they want better planning, execution and tracking across their supply chain operations. This means, that supply chain departments need to solve the conflict between scalable business, operational speed and protecting profitability.

The Extended Supply Chain, Smart Planning solution helps address these challenges.

Bringing together Capgemini’s expertise in IoT, SAP S/4 HANA® and Integrated Business Planning with SAP’s Leonardo toolbox for digital manufacturing, this approach provides end-to-end visibility of supply chain data and operations. It enables the digitization of the supply chain so clients can track real-world events, anticipate potential challenges and take evasive actions―which helps protect service levels and profitability.

The impact of leveraging a digitized approach to supply chain operations:

  • Real-time visibility of IoT data, production feeds and supply chain operations in one comprehensive view
  • Automated notifications based on specific event triggers allow timely and meaningful interventions to prevent disruption
  • Fully integrating maintenance plans with shop floor schedules minimizes the impact on customer service
  • Simulation of potential supply chain disruptions and their impacts, and the ability to choose how best to proceed

Long term benefits are

  • Increase order fulfillment and reduce lost sales
  • Reduce expediting costs Increase production throughput
  • Lower revenue loss due to stock outs
  • Improved supplier efficiency
  • Lower supply chain costs
  • Stability in distributed supply chain
  • Reduced time to market
  • Track & Trace

Example: Data Driven Responsive Supply Chain—digitalizes your supply chain and enables you to track real world events, anticipate challenges, protect profit, streamline supply chains and improve customer experience.

The manufacturing shop floor is a complex environment where multiple processes, data feeds, assembly instructions and physical assets need to work together. Competitive pressures mean manufacturers need to reduce production times and improve operational agility, while maintaining product quality and customer service levels. This requires a full view of the shop floor and the ability to make proactive decisions that optimize performance.

The Track & Trace solution helps address these challenges.

Combining multiple SAP Leonardo applications with Capgemini’s global expertise in ERP implementation and digital analytics, this approach provides real-time dashboards and shop floor automation, so clients can:

  • Translate shop floor and planning insights into proactive and profitable business actions
  • Take quick remedial actions to resolve flagged issues or events, using automated steps to save time
  • Achieve multi-tier visibility, spanning global cross-plan rollups down to individual shop floor assets
  • Gain global insights into manufacturing status and performance, with the ability to drill down to individual assets
  • Manage the shop floor easier with real-time visibility of IoT data, production feeds and record information via a single pane of glass
  • Establish a foundation for continuous improvement, with planned integration for predictive analytics, machine learning, AI and SAP Leonardo IoT Edge

Example: Capgemini Digital Control Room Analytics—Introducing an end-to-end solution for real-time operations insight.

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