Open Source Software Analysis

Open Source Software (OSS) Analysis secures applications from open source component risks, helping to mitigate the security, legal, and operational risks that can come hand-in-hand with using open source components

Mitigating risk

Open source software allows businesses to develop new applications rapidly, but many organizations use manual tracking to monitor open source usage, rather than automated solutions, leading to errors and hindering scalability.

An automated solution

Powered by Black Duck OSS security software, our service automates the process of identifying and taking inventory of open source components, allowing you to identify open source software risks to your organization. The process is seamless, easy to start, and is automatically delivered through a portal that is installed in just a few days.

OSS Analysis is also complemented by our Application Security Testing (AST) services, which identify vulnerabilities across a wider range of software.

A trusted partner

Capgemini and Sogeti are experts in IT infrastructure and application development, integration and maintenance. Together, we offer a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services to guide the digital transformation process.

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